1. it is a characteristic of aguayo cloth.

1. it’s a attribute of aguayo fabric. a. a floral sample b. a striped sample c. blue and purple hues 2. ¿de qué colour es el azúcar? a. azul b. blanco c. rojo d. morado

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The right reply is b. blanco. Azucar is a Spanish phrase for sugar, so it implies that it’s white (blanco). Sugar is the identify for all sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, that are utilized in foods and drinks preparation. Sugar contained in the human physique is within the type of the easy sugars fructose and glucose.

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2.) De que colour es el azucar? What’s the colour of sugar? The colour fo sugar is white. So the proper reply is B, blanco.

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B. Blanco this represents the colour of the automotive.

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B. Vlajco eah no english

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Let’s look at the opposite selections!A) Azul = BlueC) Rojo = RedD) Morado = Purple Please think about giving brainliest reply and a because of the questions you discover most useful!

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