1. In ‘The Sky Is Low, the Clouds Are Mean,’ what human behavior does the snowflake display?

The whole concern was aquired online. Its the following: In “The Sky is minimal, the Clouds tend to be Mean,” exactly what personal behavior does the snowflake show?
a. it cannot comprise its head.
b. its mean and nasty.
c. its packed with grievances
d. this has difficulty getting with other individuals. The clear answer should indeed be A. it cannot comprise its head. Explanation: The poem by Emily Dickinson makes use of personification, that is a figure of message writers use to provide personal characteristics or qualities to things, creatures, if not tips. In so doing, they generate their particular writing much more descriptive, poetic, and imaginative. Concerning the snowflake, the presenter claims, A travelling flake of snowfall
Across a barn or through a rut
Debates if it will probably get. Exactly like someone, this snowflake appears to be in a position to believe, to explanation, and question. It is really not certain, its debating, if it will probably get. Even though it is an object, the snowflake was attributed these types of personal behavior. Consequently, the proper response is A. it cannot comprise its head.

The proper response is b

can I begin to see the passageway?

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